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Founded in 1979, the firm of Bennett Gold LLP, Chartered Professional Accountants is led by Robert Gold and Frank Portugais as partners. Donald Bennett, one of our founding partners, passed away in 2022 after retiring in 2015 and serving as our Senior Advisor. Denham Patterson left for other opportunities in 2018, but remains as a Quality Assurance Advisor.

Historically, the firm traces its roots back to 1929, when the original practice was founded by family members of partner Robert Gold. Dating back to 1929 means Bennett Gold LLP is proudly one of the longest standing professional accounting firms in Canada.

Robert Gold, MBA, FCPA, FCA

Robert is known throughout the Greater Toronto
Area business community as an advisor with great
integrity, practical insights and a passion for
helping entrepreneurs, owners and
leaders achieve their goals.

Since 2007, Robert has produced and
hosted Canada's most successful series of business
podcasts, including the Financial Post Executive Podcast,
the PROFIT BusinessCast, and the DMZ Movers and Shakers Podcast.

Guests have included business heads, thought leaders, and provocative thinkers from across all industries, offering insights which Robert happily shares with his clients.

Other things you should know about Robert, he:

• Co-authored ‘Business Success Stories’ - a book published by CPA Canada that shares stories about entrepreneurs successfully overcoming common business challenges.

• Co-authored Business Truths - 96 Proven Ways To Build Loyalty, Grow Profits, And Succeed At Everything In Between, inspired by guests of the BusinessCast. (Also published as ‘Business Insights’ by CPA Canada).

• Judged the Canadian Inventor Of The Year Awards (three successive years) hosted by the Inventors Alliance of Canada.

• Won the award for Accounting Marketer of The Year presented by The Association for Accounting Marketing; and for Business Excellence, presented by the North York Chamber of Commerce.

• Named the Accountant Of Choice For Entrepreneurs And Inventors by Toronto Life Magazine.

Contact Robert Gold: 416-449-2249 x223
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Frank Portugais, B.Comm, CPA, CA

Since 1977, Frank has been passionate about helping companies achieve their financial goals. To that, he has developed a rare skill in conducting in-depth analysis, as well as leading audits for small- and medium-sized businesses in dozens of industries.

Clients hold Frank in high regard because he can effectively translate tremendously complex business issues into language that is easily understood and then acted upon.

Contact Frank Portugais: 416-449-2249 x224  
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