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For over 25 years, Bennett Gold has been chosen by Start-Up Entrepreneurs, Leaders of Growing Companies and Owners of Maturing Companies across Ontario to help establish and sustain a strong financial foundation for their businesses.

That's because Bennett Gold offers core services such as Accounting, Audit and Tax for businesses, along with a suite of related services proven to increase business performance and success.

Bennett Gold also provides Accounting, Audit and Tax services for families and individuals who want the confidence that only comes with choosing an accounting firm with an exceptional track record.


Bennett Gold is highly skilled at articulating financial information to help management make timely decisions and keep other key stakeholders informed about a business' current and future financial health.

Choose accounting services when you need to:

Make timely, well-grounded financial decisions that will increase the overall performance and stability of your personal or business finances;


Report on your business by providing your bank, investors or Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) with clear and concise financial statements.

See how Bennett Gold helped a client leverage key financial information to make a decision.


Bennett Gold conducts audits to determine the validity and reliability of financial information and provide assessments of a business' internal control procedures.

Choose audit services when you are obligated to prove that your business' operations are adhering to plan and relevant industry standards.

See how Bennett Gold helped a client use an audit to improve operations.


Bennett Gold reviews taxes, develops tax strategies/plans, and prepares and files tax returns for clients.

Choose tax services when you want to improve your short-term and long-term tax position.

See how Bennett Gold helped a client achieve tax savings.
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