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Time and time again, Start-Up Entrepreneurs, Leaders of Growing Companies and Owners of Maturing Companies choose Bennett Gold to help them through all significant business transitions.

That’s becuase Bennett Gold offers services such as developing Succession Plans, Due Diligence Reviews and Business Mentoring.

Succession Plans

Your business will go through many exciting transitions; the most important being changes in ownership.

Bennett Gold develops succession plans that help you make the best business (and personal) decisions before (or during) a change in ownership.

Choose Succession Plans when:

See how Bennett Gold helped a client ease the transition to a new owner.

Due Diligence Reviews

A thorough assessment of your business helps to ensure the short and long-term value of the company is sustainable.

Bennett Gold conducts comprehensive (or targeted) due diligence reviews to accurately assess your: financial health; tax issues; debt and share capital; assets; agreements; and industry dynamics.

Choose Due Diligence when:

See how Bennett Gold helped a client prepare for an acquisition because of a due diligence review.

Business Mentoring

Every successful business entrepreneur, leader and owner draws upon the insights from trusted advisors.

Bennett Gold has been recognized throughout the business community for providing relevant, timely and creative guidance.

Choose Business Mentoring when:

See how Bennett Gold helped mentor a client through a difficult challenge.
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