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Bennett Gold Professional Network

Since the day Bennett Gold opened its doors for business, the team has been building relationships with professionals who are similarly committed to helping clients' business succeed.

Find below a selection of the organizations who make up the Bennett Gold Professional Network. Contact Robert Gold for questions about, or introductions to, network members in these categories:

Securing Financing

Cranson Capital Solutions helps small-sized and medium-sized businesses -- in the real estate, services and manufacturing/distribution industries -- obtain the financing they need when they need it. Cranson Capital Solutions accomplishes this by securing debt-financing from lenders, raising capital from investors and managing purchase and sales transactions.

Klein Farber Corporate Finance helps business owners, managers and Boards of Directors optimize the value of their companies. Klein Farber Corporate Finance does this by managing complex transactions for raising capital as well as conducting business valuations.

Restructuring Debt

Macpherson & Associates helps strengthen the financial position of small-sized and medium-sized businesses. To accomplish this goal, Macpherson & Associates provides debt restructuring and insolvency services, as well as advice and programs for improving corporate strategy.

Securing Government Funding

Performance Plus enables companies to achieve their growth and innovation goals. Performance Plus accomplishes this by helping clients in the manufacturing, software and professional services industries prepare for/secure financing administered through the Government of Canada's programs such as SRED (Scientific Research and Experimental Development) and IRAP (Industrial Research Assistance Program).

Business Development Group enables companies to achieve their growth and innovation goals. Business Development Group accomplishes this by helping business owners in the manufacturing, information technology and gaming industry successfully secure financing administered through Government programs such as SRED (Scientific Research and Experimental Development) and OIDMTC (Ontario Interactive Digital Media Tax Credit).

Conducting Valuations

Stewart Business Valuations Inc. helps business owners and investors -- largely in the manufacturing, construction, technology and professional sectors - understand the value of their current or potential investments. Stewart Business Valuations accomplishes this by conducting independent and objective business valuations so that stakeholders can transact with confidence.

Planning for Business Succession

For over 25 years, Planning Dynamics has been helping leaders in all business sectors, with an emphasis on manufacturing and agri-businesses, develop and implement practical succession plans.

Growing Revenues and Reputations

Write on the Money helps companies of all sizes and industries increase revenues, improve reputations and enhance client retention. To achieve these marketing and sales goals, Write on the Money implements communications strategies -- using the most effective combination of digital, social, mobile and traditional media.

Planning Finances

Redwood Capital Management helps clients achieve their personal and business financial goals. To accomplish this task, Redwood Capital provides customized training and coaching that empowers clients to make better, more timely decisions about their finances.

Choosing Group Insurance

Persad & Associates Insurance Agency helps companies of all sizes create and implement insurance plans that address the diverse needs of today's workforce -- while balancing the needs of each company's owners/leaders.

Financial Planning (For Medical Professionals)

Brian Shumak Financial Services helps health care practitioners (i.e. Chiropractors, Physiotherapists and Naturopathic Doctors) achieve their short-term and long-term financial goals --- by offering financial plans that effectively manage cash-flow, risk, taxes, and investments.

Selecting Business Insurance

Mitchell Sandham helps protect business owners/leaders from incurring unnecessary financial loss. To accomplish this, Mitchell Sandham determines the appropriate insurance coverage needed for businesses and individuals -- by conducting comprehensive risk management assessments.

Enhancing Productivity and Innovation

Power Play Productivity Solutions helps entrepreneurs, not-for-profits and software companies achieve their most important goals --- by focusing on improving individual, team and organizational productivity. To do this, Power Play Productivity Solutions applies a Create, Collaborate, Communicate and Celebrate approach throughout their suite of services and workshops.

Strategic Consulting and Coaching

Lighthouse 360 helps business owners of small- and medium-sized enterprises develop and implement effective growth plans. To accomplish this, Lighthouse 360 provides strategic consulting and coaching at the individual, team and organizational levels.

Warren Coughlin helps business owners/leaders achieve their professional and personal goals. To accomplish this, Warren provides inspiration, practical guidance/support and customized action plans via his Profit with Principle program.

Addressing Human Resources Challenges

HR Resolution helps companies with 25 or more employees stay focused on conducting their business -- without being distracted by Human Resources challenges. HR Resolution accomplishes this by serving as a comprehensive outsourced Human Resources department that cost-effectively addresses strategic and tactical Human Resources issues.

Increasing Data Privacy and Security

Informatica helps organizations that have complex compliance requirements reduce the risks associated with managing information that needs to be kept private and/or secure. Informatica offers targeted training, consulting and certification that successfully meets or exceeds standards established by corporate leaders, legislation or professional associations.

Addressing Legal Challenges

The Bennett Gold Professional Network includes lawyers and law firms who provide our clients with exceptional service, skill and knowledge. Legal specialties available through our network include:

Business Incorporation; Partnership & Shareholder Agreements; Wills & Powers of Attorney; Agreements of Purchase and Sale; Tax Litigation; Family & Other Trusts; Intellectual Property; Commercial Real Estate & Leases; Employment Law; Entertainment & Sports Law; Franchise Law; Estates Litigation; Mediation Services; Family Law; Sales and Excise Tax; and Trade Law

Bennett Gold LLP works with Ordower Law, a unique law firm focusing on the incorporation of entrepreneurs and professionals. Ordower Law has created this special page outlining all aspects of incorporation, and your obligations once incorporated.

Addressing Banking Challenges

Bennett Gold works with all of Canada's top banks. We have relationships within each that is best suited to any business situation or stage of growth.

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