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Start-Up Entrepreneurs, Leaders of Growing Companies and Owners of Maturing Companies repeatedly choose Bennett Gold.

That’s because Bennett Gold offers services such as developing timely Funding Proposals, Business Plans and Business Valuations.

Funding Proposals

To achieve the growth you want, you will need to receive injections of cash at various times.

Bennett Gold analyzes the needs of current/prospective funders then works with you to provide them with the confidence they need that your business deserves funding.

Choose Funding Proposals when you need:

See how Bennett Gold helped a client secure the right kind of funding.

Business Plans

Businesses achieve greatness when there is a clear set of priorities and a path to achieve them.

Every day Bennett Gold helps passionate entrepreneurs, leaders and owners channel their energies towards achieving their priorities -- by developing and implementing powerful business plans.

Choose Business Plans when you:

See how Bennett Gold helped a client grow because of their business plan.

Business Valuations

Knowing the value of your business allows you to act on short-term initiatives while keeping an eye towards long-term goals.

Bennett Gold applies a rigorous and transparent process for conducting business valuations taking into consideration a company’s profits, income growth, capital investments, productivity, expenses, predictability/risks, asset values, and relevant intangibles.

Choose Business Valuation when:

See how Bennett Gold helped a client achieve their targets with a business valuation.
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